UNiD - Reimagine Digital Trust

UNiD is an easy to integrate, adaptable decentralized identity platform. Let us help you to reimagine digital experience for your customer, employee, and everyday operations in a privacy preserving manner.


Proudly working with innovative organizations




Key Functions

UNiD SDKs allow you to access these key functions

Decentralized Identities

Globally unique digital identity controlled by individuals.

Verifiable Credential

Anyone can verify credentials instantly and remotely.

Digital Wallet

Digital wallet manages decentralized identifiers.

Encrypted PDS

Store and operate encrypted personal information.

Consent Management

Access control and user consent management.



Extensible and interoperable DID AuthN (e.g. SIOP) and AuthZ.

DPKI Network

Open, public, and permissionless DPKI protocol.


Setup tenant model for each industry or organization.



In a 30-minute meeting, we will introduce our services and provide a demonstration.


Customer's Voice

In addition to the ease of use of the UNiD SDKs, it is very helpful to receive professional support from experts in cryptography and DID technology for questions and issues that arise during the design and implementation of products. It is very helpful for our team.

Listed enterprise A

Engineer, Digital Technology Devision


Working with DID standards development organizations

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