Embedded industry in Japan (1) - Location and company size

Reasons for being low key Embedded is a field, which is low key despite the significance of the role to play. We are reaching out to them to get their feedback as a startup. And we have found that there is a unique feature in the industry. The number of …

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What do people call DevSecOps role in Japan?

Our audience is IoT developers who have device security provisioning issues at work. DevSecOps role may fit the best to describe who they are. And localization kicks in here. Today, there are only 35 job postings listed on for Japan. That does not sound realistic. In Japan, each company …

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OSS Japanese resources

Yesterday I researched OSS under Japanese law. Surprisingly, a couple of documentation developed by the Japanese government, such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and Japan Patent Office, and some industry associations such as SOFTIC. That documentation would keep making practitioners' jobs much more straightforward. To begin with …

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A good example to learn about the aftermarket

Today I did some research about the Patagonia worn wear program. Why does a device security provisioning startup do some research about the apparel company? UNiD, our device security provisioning platform, can drive our user's transformation of their manufacturing business from selling hardware to service, including the aftermarket. I wanted …

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