Why we started developing UNiD?

by masa256k1 in September 13th, 2021

Today, I would like to share one of my personal experiences that brought us here, UNiD is an open-source and developer-first tool for abstracting the complexity of edge development and fully automated devise provisioning with edge intelligence.

Let’s go back in 2015. I was in the development of a distributed system. It was a system to connect 3D printers to the cloud and the users can remotely manage and control them.

To verify the tech, we installed the prototypes in dozens of locations such as an office and a factory. Then, we faced the number of problems: a connection drops due to the facility’s network configuration, an error occurs due to updates of the cloud, sensing data does not flow correctly to the cloud, and so on.

I remember we spent a massive time to fix bugs, set configurations, and build the security components from edge to cloud from scratch. It was really painful because we did not have enough resources at the time.

Unlike the cloud space, there are very few security products in the edge space that engineers can easily use in their development process, and even in 2021 this gap will not be filled, leaving the edge space an untapped field for software development and management practices.

By leveraging decentralized identity and h/w root of trust technologies, we are developing a develop-first security tool that makes it easier to automate device provisioning and build bi-directional communications between edge and cloud. It can solve the challenges like the one I faced and enables IoT developers to focus on what matters most: improving customer experience and adding value with sensing data.

If you’d like to be a part of the UNiD community, visit our GitHub. Click Star🌟 if you like.

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