Development lead time, Japan-US comparison (2)

by mikilight1 in October 18th, 2021

In my last blog, I introduced the interesting fact: development lead time is twice longer in Japan than the U.S. (approximately 24 months in Japan and the U.S. 11 months) In this blog, I plan to touch on motivation of acceleration as well as responsibility of stakeholders in today's context.

Fruits of 40% reduction in time-to-market

According to McKinsey, on average, it seems that corporations can reduce the time-to-market by 40% on average, 70% at maximum. And, the agility improves customer satisfaction by 30%, employee engagement by 20-30%, and performance improvement by 30-50%. Then, leaders will be tempted to shorten the time-to-market, where it includes the development lead time.

Diversity and the lead time

Japan has more diversity in the planning phase than the U.S. By contrast, the U.S. seems to rely more on experts than Japan. Such diversity could be the reason for twice as many points in the development lead time.

Today, technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and automation are disrupting how we do business. No matter what style you take to proceed with the development project, it would be the stakeholder's job to catch up with a technological update.

UNiD Edge SDK repo is available on our GitHub. Please come and visit if you want a deep dive into it.

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