Overview of DID Standards & Specs

by masa256k1 in March 5th, 2021

Organizations for standardization

There are organizations that are important for those involved in building open standards for digital identity.

Specifications, Protocols

There are some specifications and protocols that are particularly important for building the new digital identity stack for the future WEB.

Verifiable Credentials/Presentations

Encrypted Data Storage



Leaning contents to help you understand the above specifications and implementations.


DID/SSI Tech Overview

JSON-LD Introductory Materials

  • What is Linked Data? - Short video introduction to Linked Data by Manu Sporny.
  • What is JSON-LD? - Short video introduction to JSON-LD by Manu Sporny.
  • JSON-LD: Core Markup - An overview of some of the core markup features of JSON-LD including types, aliasing, nesting, and internationalization support by Manu Sporny.
  • JSON-LD: Compaction and Expansion - An overview of JSON-LD's compaction and expansion features and how you can use them to merge data from multiple sources by Manu Sporny.
  • Linked Data Signatures - An overview of how digital signatures can be added to Linked Data to provide verifiable statements on the Web by Manu Sporny.
  • Credentials on the Web - A quick introduction to verifiable credentials on the Web by Manu Sporny.
  • jsld.org - Short stories, use cases and demos building on JSON-LD.

Verifiable Credential

Crypto Primitives


  • Introduction to DID Auth (RWoT) - It helps to construct DID Auth architectures for various complete DID Auth interactions (challenge and response formats and transports)


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