Embedded industry in Japan (2) - where are the embedded engineers?

by mikilight1 in October 19th, 2021

In my previous article about the embedded industry in Japan (1), I discussed the distributed and scattered nature of embedded companies across Japan. Understandably, engineers are also spread across the country as their workplaces are scattered. We rely on the internet to proceed with our project. It is tough to locate Japanese-speaking embedded engineers individually in the social media sphere. There is only a limited number of people.


According to the 「組込みソフトウェア産業実態調査報告書」(Embedded software industry report) published by IPA in 2005, Japan has 175K embedded engineers and miss 70K. Therefore, 1/3 miss the market demand. IPA posted these statistics almost 15 years ago; definitely, there should be more people. And, this report also concludes that approximately 25% of IT engineers in Japan are embedded! Embedded engineer is still a large population. Again, where are they?

A. Company

The majority of embedded engineers work for companies, while web developers enjoy more contract styles. Embedded has more vertical structure than web development; large maker places an order to a technology supplier. And, it is not surprising that IoT devices are for mission-critical use cases. So, for developers who enjoy making IoT devices, working for the company is still a standard option to fulfill their mission.

Plus, we have heard that people in the embedded industry have experienced over 15+ years of embedded engineers. That is another reason they are very low-key. They usually do not need to update their resume on LinkedIn or talk aloud on Twitter.

B. Staffing company

There is a work contract category called Haken (contract worker; direct translation from Japanese to English is "dispatched worker") in Japan. Here is how it works—engineers contract with a staffing company. The staffing company sends the engineers to their client site. For example, there is a large staffing company with 1.7K embedded engineers capacity.

C. Offshoring

Offshoring is also an excellent option for Japanese makers. So, the embedded engineers are located off the shore.

We are eager to deliver UNiD to those people and make their job easier! I want to learn how to reach out to them more efficiently. If you are an embedded engineer or know where many embedded engineers are, please let us know!

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