Implemented edge device management

by vaachii in September 14th, 2021

Yesterday, we implemented a feature to register and manage edge devices in UNiD Studio. This implementation was done as a proof-of-concept in our team internally. We plan to make it available as a part of UNiD Studio once it is proven to solve to the engineers' problems.

As we add more features to UNiD Studio, UNiD SDK will also be updated. And those updates will be posted on the UNiD SDK repository on our GitHub, so don't forget to hit the ๐ŸŒŸ (star) button to keep up with UNiD SDK updates!

This features is part of the init() method of UNiD SDK, and SDK users will be able to take advantage of the device management mechanism built on DID (Decentralized IDentifiers) technology by simply calling UNiD.init() method! Please send us your feedback on this feature!

// This snippet is an example implementation in UNiD SDK for NodeJS
import { UNiD, Cipher } from '@unid/node-wallet-sdk'
import { SqliteConnector } from '@unid/wallet-sdk-sqlite-connector'
(async () => {
    // Make connection
    const conn = new SqliteConnector({
        client       : 'unid-sdk.db',
        encrypter    : Cipher.encrypt,
        decrypter    : Cipher.decrypt,
        encryptionKey: '${RANDOMIZED_HEX_STRING}',
    await conn.init()
    // Initialize SDK (Register the edge device)
    await UNiD.init({
        clientId    : '${YOUR_CLIENT_ID}',     // Provided from UNiD Studio
        clientSecret: '${YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET}', // Provided from UNiD Studio
        connector   : conn,

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