Japan's Giteki (Technical Conformity) security standards

by mikilight1 in November 15th, 2021

This blog article will discuss Japan's Giteki (Techncal Conformity) security standards for IoT devices. You can see the types of IoT devices that require Giteki in my last blog for your reference.

IoT device makers have to follow it and get the Giteki Mark if your devices fall in the category of regulation scope according to Article 34-10, according to the Ordinance Concerning Terminal Facilities etc." ("Ordinance"; 端末設備等規則. Let's read the guideline of the Ordinance as follows:

  • Access control to change settings regarding communication

Only authorized users have to change the access control such as ID and password.

  • Function to encourage users to reset the initial password of the IoT device

This function has to navigate the users to change ID or password during the use of the device. Writing the encouragement to change that information on the user manual is not enough.

  • Software update

Update function regarding communication firmware is a must-have. The guideline of Giteki about IoT devices dated September 1, 2020, recommends automated firmware updates; however, it is not a must-have under Article 34-10, version 2020.

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