Now we use linter

by vaachii in October 16th, 2021

It's always hard for developers to build a development environment and understand the coding and communication rules within a project. For people to devote themselves to development in a psychologically secure state, we believe it is important to handle things as systematically as possible, with no cliched rules or room for interpretation. While automated processes can free people from the time constraints of today's busy world, I feel that they can also be accommodating in creating a psychologically safe environment, as described above. What about the UNiD project? We will be promoting the following initiatives

  • Introduction of source code linter: To make the writing style of the source code consistent.
  • Introduction of commit log linter: To bring consistency in the style of writing commit logs.
  • Proactive introduction of bots: Make GitHub issues and pull requests more fluid.
  • Automate unit and system tests: Prevent a human error in the testing process
  • Automate deliverable publishing: Prevent a human error in the build process, which can be cumbersome

Currently, source code linter and commit log linter are already in place, and we are planning to introduce the rest of the measures gradually. Please visit the UNiD repository and check it out!

To learn more about UNiD, please visit our GitHub, where we will feature a technical deep dive.

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