The Make-It-Happen value for us

by mikilight1 in September 15th, 2021

CollaboGate Three Values

Our team had a discussion about our Company Deck yesterday we are building right now. There are three pillars of our core values, by design, that we respect as a team; 1. Make it happen, 2. Be DAO, and 3. Be transparent. We set these values to max out the throughput of results as a team.


And, I would like to put emphasis on "1. Make it happen" today. The Make-It-Happen concepts could be further broken down into the four elements.

  1. Follow your curiosity
  2. Gather facts
  3. Define the critical issue
  4. Make it happen

That means, you have a motivation to pursue a certain issue in front of you; in other words, you are really curious about what it is and want to solve it.

The key to this Make-It-Happen concept is the trial based on the issue framing.

Let's take it easy. We honor the attitude to prove it by prototyping. To prototype, you will need the core issue that you want to solve. You make something small like this blog post. (I am prototyping our values by writing this blog here 🙂)

Having interactions with the world through something tangible may play an important roles here. Codes, figma, writing, slides, etc... "products" are tools that help you interact with the audience. By using those tools, you can gather direct feedback to what you offered to the audience. And, you can come one step closer to the core issue that can connect to the huge value to your project.

As you go, you will become ready to spend a lot of resources on the great issue that you and your team find. And, you can make something great happen! And, you will find greater issue... and you know what would go on!

If you are interested in being a part of CollaboGate, visit our GitHub and our blog.

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