CollaboGate, a provider of UNiD, an IoT platform for developers, announces the results of a proof-of-concept on secure IoT services for office equipment conducted jointly with PFU

by masa256k1 in November 29th, 2021

Promoting Japan's Industrial Competitiveness through the Fusion of Hardware and Software.

TOKYO / Nov. 29, 2021 — Today, CollaboGate Japan, Inc. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Masayoshi Mitsui, President & CEO; "CG"), a provider of the decentralized ID-enabled EDGE-TO-CLOUD SECURITY PLATFORM "UNiD" announced the results of a proof-of-concept project on secure IoT services for office equipment conducted jointly with PFU Limited. CG is committed to progressing the fusion of hardware and software to enhance Japan's industrial competitiveness.

Businesses model that integrates hardware and software leads the world.

In recent years, companies that promote hardware and software integration have been leading the world's businesses in various industries. People and the market expects that all types of hardware will become more intelligent in the future. On the other hand, Japanese companies, which have strength in hardware, are facing challenges in incorporating key growth drivers in the digital field, such as hardware/software convergence, edge intelligence, and secure data utilization into their existing businesses.

CG has developed an open-source IoT platform, "UNiD," for developers that enables anyone to realize secure IoT services quickly. And CG has been conducting joint development and demonstration experiments with companies in various fields to provide key drivers to Japanese companies facing such technical challenges.

From 2021, we collaborate with Renesas Electronics, a major semiconductor company, and Tessera Technology, which has strengths in edge development, to promote joint development of edge security using the security module of Renesas' microcontroller and CG's decentralized identity technology.

Demonstration Experiment with PFU for Realization of Secure IoT Service for Office Equipment

This time, we have conducted a proof-of-concept with PFU, known as the world's No.1 share(*1) of document scanners to realize a secure IoT service for office equipment. We verified the technical feasibility of a system by installing CG's "UNiD EDGE SDK" into PFU's document scanners. The proof-of-concept includes the feature that allows scanner devices to manage keys and certificates autonomously and to perform end-to-end authentication, authorization, and encrypted communication with mobile devices and the cloud.

This system enables users to securely store their scanned data in a designated cloud storage environment without the service provider retaining any sensitive personal information or scanned data.

*The video shows how the end-user connects the mobile app to the scanner device and saves the scanned data to a pre-designated Google Drive.

The application of this technological platform is expected to accelerate the creation of new user experiences for office equipment connected to networks and the development of businesses such as after-market services that utilize sensing data.

CG wishes to contribute to the development of unprecedented business models by providing Japanese companies, which are leading the world with their superior manufacturing technologies, with development tools that enable smooth software integration.

Comments from the companies on the proof-of-concept

Masayoshi Mitsui, President of CollaboGate Japan, Inc.

More than 1 trillion IoT devices will be connected to the Internet by 2035, including automobiles, medicine, industry, public infrastructure, and smart offices. As computing power and data are distributed in the edge and the cloud, society needs developer-first security products to support these distributed systems. We are delighted that PFU has agreed to work with us on the proof-of-concept project for a secure IoT service for office equipment, a part of their global product portfolio.

Toshikatsu Ito, General Manager, Business Development Division, PFU Limited

We are very pleased that CollaboGate Japan has selected our scanner (*2) for this "proof-of-concept project on secure IoT services for office devices" using UNiD (Edge-To-Cloud Security Platform using distributed ID technology). We hope that the results of this proof-of-concept will advance the implementation of a safe, secure, and comfortable society in the IoT field.


UNiD is a platform that enables developers to easily build secure bi-directional communications between the edge and the cloud. By deploying UNiD's SDK on their devices, IoT developers can abstract complex edge security development, fully automate device key management, and realize secure two-way communication with the cloud. It significantly reduces development and operation costs and allows non-experts to easily implement secure data collection, device management, OTA, and other functions.

About CG

CG is a deep tech startup with a mission to "change the world with digital trust." CG has developed the open-source "UNiD EDGE SDK," which utilizes distributed ID and security modules. CG has received a high level of interest and appreciation from developers and supply chains around the world. With the proof-of-concept on secure IoT service for office equipment with PFU Limited, we will accelerate our collaboration in the smart office area. We are looking forward to hearing from development departments and developers working on developing secure IoT systems.

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Location: Navi Shibuya V 3F, 5-5 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo President and Representative Director: Masayoshi Mitsui

Establishment: May 7, 2019



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1: This survey covers document scanners. Japan and North America are based on data compiled by KEYPOINT INTELLIGENCE (InfoTrends) (2019 results). Total market share of 6 segments excluding Mobile/Micro from document scanner data (mainly all document scanners above 8ppm). Market share in Western Europe (including Turkey and Greece) based on data from Info Source (2019 results).

2:PFU's Document Scanner:

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