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Hello, UNiD fans! I would like to introduce the current development team members of the UNiD Project. Currently, there are three products in the whole UNiD Project. Still, each product does not have its own development team. Two engineers, including me, are working on design, implementation, and testing. The three products are UNiD Edge SDK, UNiD Hub, and UNiD Studio. UNiD Edge SDK is being developed as OSS.

The core specification for DIDs is DID Identifiers v1.0, and related to DID Identifiers, the specifications for the data structure of Verifiable Credential and Verifiable Presentation are defined in Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0. DID Identifiers v1.0 is still a new specification, having been given a Candidate Recommendation (CR) in March 2021 and a Proposed Recommendation (PR) in August 2021. Because it is a new specification, there are only a few related libraries that are stably available. Therefore, our team has to consider, verify, and implement many things on our own, which is a lot of work compared to general software development.

We focus on making the cost of implementing IoT devices and cloud services associated with IoT devices as small as possible by bringing intelligence to edge devices, thereby reducing the burden on edge device developers. We ask the world what it should be through source code, such as implementing an algorithm for which no development library exists by reading the specifications or considering how to efficiently connect edge devices to cloud services. Now UNiD is in an exciting moment to build new products off the ground where there is no track. Wouldn't you like to have this kind of rare experience?

Want to make a technical deep dive into UNiD EDGE? Visit our GitHub.

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