Two updates: ReadMe and modules for cryptographic processing and decryption using AES

by vaachii in

Yesterday, I updated the Github repository of UNiD Edge SDK twice.


The first is the README of the repository, which contains a building block representation of the technical elements and stack included in the UNiD Edge SDK.

Initially, we plan to develop UNiD Edge SDK for Key Management, Device Identification and Cryptographic Processing blocks. Next, Credential Management, E2E Channel, Topics in conjunction with Overlay Routing, Queue Workers support, and Data Transforming are lining up in that order.

In parallel with the development of these Core Blocks, we are planning to proceed the development and operation verification process of Trust Add-Ons, Cloud Add-Ons, and Transport Add-Ons with our Silicon Partners.

Cryptographic processing and decryption using AES

The second update. We have pushed for modules for cryptographic processing and decryption using AES, one of the several cryptographic algorithms that play a key role in Cryptographic Processing. These modules have not been tested on MCU yet, but they have been tested to work perfectly in a web browser. Let's continue developing the UNiD Edge SDK together !

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