Types of IoT devices that require Japan's Giteki Mark 

by mikilight1 in November 13th, 2021

In my previous post, I introduced overview of Japan's Giteki Mark (Technical Conformity Mark). And, Giteki Mark system covers IoT devices. In this blog post, I would like to discuss the types of IoT devices that require the Giteki Mark of Japan.


Article 34-10 of the modified "Ordinance Concerning Terminal Facilities etc." provides application ground. The Ordinance Concerning Terminal Facilities etc." ("Ordinance"; 端末設備等規則) is a ministerial ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC).

I would like to put the ordinance and guidelines of the ordinance here for your reference. This blog aims to share the essence of the ordinance and the guideline.

Article 34-10 of the Ordinance Concerning Terminal Facilities etc.

Article 34-10 of the Ordinance provides that the IoT devices that meet ALL the three criteria from (1) to (3) in the following will be the scope of Giteki (Technical Conformity). However, the devices that meet criterion (4) will be an exception.

(1) Terminals of the dedicated communication line equipment (limited to those connected to digital data transmission equipment);

(2) Terminal equipment that uses the Internet Protocol in connection with digital data transmission equipment; AND

(3)Those that can change the settings on the telecommunications functions (limited to those on transmission and reception) provided in said dedicated telecommunications line facilities, etc. terminals by connecting them through telecommunications line facilities

In short, if the IoT devices that connect to the internet and such devices can be operated through the internet, such devices will fall in Article 34-10.

Therefore, the devices that only use Bluetooth and Zigbee for connectivity are out of the scope. If anyone cannot change the settings from the internet, those devices are also out of scope.


This scope seems to catch-all. Therefore, there are some exceptions.

  • If the device users can change access control by software and such software can be updated
  • If the power supply stops, such access control and software update can be maintained

And, it is essential to pay attention to the fact that if there is a Giteki marked device (a device with Technical Conformity Standards mark) in the middle, the edge devices under the approved device will be the exception for Giteki. (page 4 of the guideline.)

From product perspective, it is important to design the use case very carefully and decide whether the device is in or out of the scope OR falls into the exceptions.

UNiD EDGE SDK repo is available on our GitHub. Please come and visit if you want a deep dive into it.

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