UNiD GitHub Published and A Small Bite of UNiD Roadmap

by vaachii in September 12th, 2021


In this post, first, I would like to explain about our GitHub repository, then briefly summarize the future roadmap (plan) of UNiD Edge SDK. You can access the GitHub repository at the following URL: https://github.com/getunid/unid

UNiD Edge SDK is a library that provides the functionality of DID (Decentralized IDentifiers) implemented in Rust, and UNiD Edge SDK provides an easy-to-use tool chain for developing applications for Edge devices. UNiD Edge SDK also contains basic DID-related operations such as key management / registering DID, resolving public keys from DID, creating / verifying VerifiableCredentials, and creating / verifying VerifiablePresentations, as well as several easy-to-use methods for data transfer. We plan to write another blog about the reasons that we use DID for building E2E connections. I hope that you can come back to our blog if you like.


UNiD Edge SDK is currently under development and we expect to release the first version of the SDK during 2021Q4. In addition to the native Rust implementation, we plan to develop bindings for NodeJS and bindings for several IoT device boards.

Keep an eye out for future updates to the UNiD Edge SDK! - https://github.com/getunid/unid

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