What do people call DevSecOps role in Japan?

by mikilight1 in September 23rd, 2021

Our audience is IoT developers who have device security provisioning issues at work. DevSecOps role may fit the best to describe who they are. And localization kicks in here. Today, there are only 35 job postings listed on indeed.com for Japan. That does not sound realistic.

In Japan, each company seems to have a different title for the DevSecOps role, such as System Engineer, IoT Engineer, Embedded Engineers, and sometimes, Software Engineer. The engineers seem to define their positions based on their assignments. Therefore, you can learn what kind of engineering role the person in front of you does after talking to that engineer.

So, I learn about the company's organizational chart first, then find DevSecOps engineers on a role basis without using the DevSecOps word and listening to their voices.

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