What is Japan's Giteki Mark, the Technical standards conformity mark?

by mikilight1 in October 27th, 2021

Which section of the government is in charge of the internet communication?

In Japan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC) is in charge of radio waves and telecommunication, including the internet, from the communication aspect. The government wants to make sure fair use and efficiency of the radio wave. Therefore, Japan has the Radio Law(電波法)to provide governance to the radio-enabled equipment, including IoT devices.

The Giteki (pronunciation "Gi-teh-key"; in Kanji 技適) Mark means the Technical Standards Conformity Mark issued by MIC. And, IoT devices have to satisfy the requirements.

What is the Giteki mark for?

Except for some exceptions explicitly specified in the law, all the radio equipment has to get the Giteki certification in Japan. Therefore, WiFi routers, PC, and smartphones have the Giteki mark. The Giteki mark certifies that the radio equipment conforms to the technical regulations specified in the Radio Law. The mark is affixed to every piece of radio equipment. If a user uses those gears without the Giteki mark in Japan, the use might violate the Radio Law.

Here is the official FAQ published by MIC for more details.

How to get the Giteki Mark

There are two steps to get the Giteki Mark, again Technical Conformity Standards mark.

In the following few columns, I plan to touch on what the Giteki matters to IoT devices.

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